March Sermon Series

Prayer is power and without it we become spiritual inept and disconnected from God. Prayer enables us to be intimately and emotionally connected with our Saviour and source of strength and resilience. How is your relationship status with Jesus? Is your relationship complicated? Why not develop your prayer life to uncomplicated?

Join us in March as we connect with the Saviour through prayer & spirtual resilience.

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March Schedule

9:45am Sabbath School

11:15am Divine Worship Service

Women’s Day

Sermon Title: Effective Prayer

Scripture Reading: James 5:16

Preacher: Elder Trisan Hyatt

Sermon Summary: Prayer is both an immense privilege and a great responsibility for saved people. This is about ‘energised’ prayer, concerned, and pleading in character, and zealous and persistent. How do you overcome these obstacles?

Prayer, Praise & Preach

Theme: Thank God I’m Not Alone

Scripture Readings: Psalm 25, John 14

Preachers: Elder Courtney Hoilett, Elder Ryan Degale, Chidinma Uzoma

Theme Summary: There are times in our lives when we feel alone and in need of encouragement. Many try to do it alone. Our independence can be a strength but there are times when it will be our downfall. We need to learn to be dependent on the Lord.

Sermon Title: Our God is the God of the Impossible

Scripture Reading: John 15

Preacher: Pastor Royston Smith

Sermon Summary: Prayer is based on our view of God that is, how we perceive God. Our faith is as big as our God and our attitude
towards prayer is as big as our faith. Faith means very little. For without God faith has man as its foundation.

Sermon Title: Prayer Paul’s Way

Scripture Reading: Ephesians 1:15-20

Preacher: Elder John Bishop

Sermon Summary: We do some strange things with prayer. The good news is that God hears and answers our prayers despite
us. Yet, I cannot help but wonder. What does God do with those prayers that are in fact sermons, or acts of criticism or desires to change other people?