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We are part of a Christ-centered, diverse worldwide religious community dedicated to serving God, sharing the Gospel, and helping others.

We like to think that being a Seventh-day Adventist is a lifestyle, not just a belief. With the Bible as the basis for our beliefs, we’re committed to growing together as a worshipping community, filled with the joy of knowing Jesus.

We’re also a teaching community, where people can study and learn from the Bible and gain a closer walk with Him and a healing community supporting each other in facing life’s challenges. We provide many opportunities for our members to become involved in church ministries as well as outreach to meet the needs of the West Croydon community.


West Croydon Seventh-day Adventist Church is part of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, a world-wide organisation with more than 19 million members in countries around the world.

In the UK, we come under the South England Conference of Seventh-day Adventist. Charity No. 1045587


As written in 2013

In 1983 members of Balham and Brixton Seventh-day Adventist Churches begin a witnessing program in the Norbury and Streatham area, culminating in a tent campaign in July of that year. The small group of members began meeting on the Sabbath and as a result of their outreach endeavours the church members united with the newly baptised to form a company.

They meet together for the first time at Norbury Library in Beatrice Road on 20th August 1983 under the leadership of Elder Seymour Young. With a regular attendance of 45 worshippers, on 27th November the Norbury Company is formally organised with Pastor Hugo Kennedy, also pastor of Croydon and New Addington SDA Churches, as Norbury’s pastor.
The following year, in May 1984, the company is organised as Norbury Seventh-day Adventist Church, part of the sisterhood churches that forms the South England Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. They continue to hold weekly meetings and Norbury SDA Church worships at Norbury Library for two periods lasting almost six years.

In between, for two years, the church worships at St. Stephen’s Church Hall in Warwick Road before returning to the library. In the early years youth meetings were held at the Bonner’s home in Lewin Road and Prayer Meetings next door at the Obeng’s home. Norbury Church also formed a choir that met at the Williams’ home.

In July 1988 Pastor Lincoln Haines was given care of Norbury Church and a new worker, Finbar Benjamin, as his assistant in September, joined him.

1989 sees the arrival of Pastors James Phillip and Kenneth Henry.

By the summer of 1990 Norbury Church purchases a property in Hilldown Road, Streatham, which is used for regular meetings by September 1991, under Pastor Halsey Peat.
However, due to restrictions on the use of the property the church is unable to hold Sabbath morning services and as a result moves to Norbury Manor Primary School in Abingdon Road.

1993 sees the arrival of Elliott Williams, an intern, who is also attached to Croydon and New Addington churches. After two years, October 1995, he becomes Pastor of Norbury and Sydenham churches. Pastor Williams remains with Norbury for another four years until September 1999 and under him begins a tradition of outreach campaigns.

Unusually, Norbury not only invites visiting speakers but also uses the local talents of both Pastor Williams, in 1996, and John Bishop in 1998.

Norbury went onto to selling its property in Hilldown Road in 1998.

In 1999 Wilfred Blake, a new worker, comes to Norbury to spend four years caring for Norbury and Sydenham churches. During his tenure, during the summer school holidays of 2001, Norbury holds a Vacation Bible School. Open to all children from both church and community the VBS becomes a successful annual event now in its 12th year. The following year, 2002, sees the launch of Pathfinders.

In May/June 2001 a church group from Norbury begins to meet in nearby Hackbridge. This group follows the pattern of reaching out into the local community and grows to form a company on 31st May 2003. On the same day Pastor Blake departs and Norbury Church receives Sinisa Horvat as Pastor.

On 7th May 2005 a “granddaughter” church group forms in Horley, Surrey formed by ex-Norbury and Hackbridge members. Horley becomes a company at the beginning of 2007 and a year later, in 2008 it is organised as Horley Gatwick Church. Two years later, in 2010, the next generation begins to meet at Redhill, Surrey.

In 2006 another group is formed when members of Norbury Church begin to meet in nearby Pollards Hill. Seven years later they gain approval to be organised as a church. Norbury also purchases another property, this time in Union Road, Croydon, but plans to convert it to a church are once again dashed when the local council refuses change of use.
Outreach continues to be the focus of Norbury Church and in the summer of 2007, on 19th August, Norbury Church hosts a Fun Day & Health Expo on Streatham Common. This continues to be a regular event. The same year Norbury Church entered cyberspace establishing an online presence with its own web site.

In January 2008 Anthony Opoku-Mensah arrives at Norbury Church. During his tenure outreach continues with several ministries active in the church. The Pathfinders Club is revived, the Health Expos continue, Norbury is working with two homes for the Elderly regularly bringing worship services to the residents. An active program to provide food for the homeless continues and the VBS finds a regular home on Union Road.

2011 sees a revision of Norbury’s online presence resulting in a new web site and the creation of Facebook and Twitter accounts.

In February 2013 our present pastor, Berhanu Tsehaye, joins the Norbury family and continues with the same approach to evangelism. Norbury hosts a Prostate awareness day in May and between May and June 2013 the Adventist Muslim Relations department holds an Islamic Studies series. Norbury church also receives permission for a temporary change of use for the property at Union Road with Sabbath Worship planned to begin in 2014.


It all began in 1983 when Norbury SDA Church first formed. Now in 2013, the church celebrated its 30th anniversary on 20th & 21st December with events that reflected the congregations strength, spirit and faith.

Under the theme Remembering, Rejoicing and Rededicating the anniversary committee Adrian Hobbs, Courtney Hoilett and John Bishop were tasked with taking care of planning the thanksgiving weekend. The three services planned began with Looking back as we look forward on Friday 20th, the anniversary worship service on 21st followed by a celebration dinner in the evening.

The event included what could be described as “old friends” back to Norbury to help celebrate. Former ministers Anthony Opoku-Mensah, Sinisa Horvat, Wilfred Blake and James Philips returned for the special services. We were also fortunate to have the president of the South England Conference, Sam Davis with us on Sabbath as our guest speaker. Sam’s message was ‘Drama in Heaven’ based on Revelation 5:1-10. He highlighted the fact that what ever Norbury SDA Church or other SDA Churches in the Southern England Conference do must be for the benefit of the community and helping those that are in need within the community.

The hall was filled to capacity for the anniversary worship service with members from the past and present also our visitors. Past Member, Noah Naylor joined the women’s praise team to lead and conduct a rousing song service just like the old days singing many of the traditional hymns Norbury knew and loved.

John took on the monumental task of writing a candid and illuminating history of Norbury, which he presented, to the congregation. Some members took part in their own “My Story” video recording that told the church of their testimony at Norbury Church. This can be seen on the Church YouTube Channel.

During the service there was a special pictorial Roll of Honor tribute reminding the congregation of those members who have fallen asleep in Jesus.

Hosted by Courtney & Adrian, later that day everybody returned for our Evening Celebration Dinner featuring light entertainment were our Founders were also acknowledged with a glass plaque for their hard work and financial sacrifice over the 30 years.

The committee also developed a motto for the anniversary, Let us be BETTER which seemed best to capture what Norbury Church strive in their desire to be:

Bold in our approach

Enthusiastic as we do God’s will

Tried in the fire so that he can make us pure gold

Trusted like Abraham and be a friend of God

Energetic so that we can endure until the end

Ready, for no man knows the hour when the end shall come.

All in all, I truly believe that our anniversary celebrations reflected that motto.



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