Pastor Otis Lewis’ new book

Our minister, Pastor Otis Lewis has just published his first book based on his life story, ‘The Incredible Dream’.

As a boy born into a humble family in Jamaica whose father leaves when he’s a baby and his mother dies young, but not before she has instilled in him the power of education and a love of God.

A hard worker from an early age, Otis braves crocodile-infested waters to catch fish for his family, pays for himself to go through school, graduates and even trains to be a barber in Montego Bay. Above all, he is baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist Church. He leaves Jamaica for the UK where, against all odds he gains a Law Degree, Licence in Theology and a Master’s in Theology, whilst working nights to support his young family.

The UK brings him success and challenges, experiencing police racism and a struggle to serve God and the community in the way he knows he can.

This is an inspiring, uplifting story told from the heart of a devoted husband, father and a man of God.

This book will motivate the reader and give them the assurance that they can achieve their goals in life under difficult circumstances by the grace of God.

A copy of the book can be purchased on Amazon here.

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