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Bible Passage Luke 24:1-7
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Divine Worship Experience

  • Pastor Royston Smith
Date preached 08/04/2023

Welcome to the weekly Sabbath Divine Worship Experience at West Croydon SDA Church where we will be partaking in our Holy Communion.

Sermon Series: Why The Cross Matters To Me

Sermon Title: Hard To Believe

Sermon Summary: Is it true someone really came back from the dead? If it is, what does it mean today?

Scripture Reading: Luke 24:1-7
Preacher: Pastor Royston Smith

About this Sermon Series: The Crucifixion of Jesus on the cross is a defining mark of forgiveness and redemption for all of humanity. The disciples struggled to understand the impact of Jesus’ death and resurrection. The question for us is how does the cross and resurrection impact my life? Join us this month as we discover the good news of the cross and the importance of the resurrection to our humanity.

In series Why The Cross Matters To Me