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Divine Worship Service

  • Elder Trisan Hyatt
Date preached 04/03/2023

Welcome to the weekly Sabbath Divine Worship Experience at West Croydon SDA Church where we will be beginning our new sermon series with our Women’s Day.

Sermon Series: The Connection: Prayer & Spiritual Resilience

Sermon Title: Effective Prayer

Sermon Summary: Prayer is both an immense privilege and a great responsibility for saved people. This is about ‘energised’ prayer, concerned, and pleading in character, and zealous and persistent. How do you overcome these obstacles?

Scripture Reading: James 5:16
Preacher: Elder Trisan Hyatt

About this Sermon Series: Prayer is power and without it we become spiritually inept and disconnected from God. Prayer enables us to be intimately and emotionally connected with our Saviour and Source of strength and resilience. How is your relationship status with Jesus? Is your relationship complicated? Why not develop your prayer life to uncomplicated?

In series The Connection: Prayer & Spiritual Resilience