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Bible Passage Isaiah 9:6
This content is part of a series Living In Exile: The Stories of Daniel, in .

Divine Worship Service

  • Elder Courtney Hoilett
Date preached 20/08/2022

Welcome to the weekly Sabbath Divine Worship service at West Croydon SDA Church. This Sabbath, our Music Department presents a program of Praise & Worship. We hope that you will enjoy the service and be encouraged by your worship experience today.

Sermon Series: Living In Exile: The Stories of Daniel

Sermon Summary: The promise of love, mercy and grace are available to all. Obeying his commandments and his sanctified words will bring us everlasting life.

Sermon Theme: The Gospel of Jesus
Preacher: Elder Courtney Hoilett

About this Sermon Series: The message of Daniel is still relevant today. God wants to remind us that we are living in the end of time and that we have a responsibility to stand our ground and share the story of his love and saving grace. We are living in the last days. What kind of Christian ought we to be? Join us, be inspired to change from glory to glory.

In series Living In Exile: The Stories of Daniel