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Bible Passage Judges 6:1-14
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Reflecting Hope Campaign: Enough is Enough

  • Pastor Keith Morris
Date preached 28/05/2023

Welcome to our Sunday Program at West Croydon SDA Church where we will be continuing our campaign called “Reflecting Hope”.

Campaign Series: Reflecting Hope

Sermon Title: Enough is Enough

Sermon Summary: In this powerful sermon, we will explore how to chart a new course for our lives by accepting God’s empowerment. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut or feel like we’re not living up to our potential, but God has a plan for our lives that is greater than we could ever imagine. Join us as we explore the beauty and transformative influence of God’s empowerment. Whether you are feeling lost, stuck, or unsure about your future, this message is for you. With God’s help, you can chart a new course and experience the life of purpose and fulfillment that you were meant to live.

Speaker: Pastor Keith Morris

In series Reflecting Hope