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Divine Worship Service

  • Pastor Ty Gibson
Date preached 04/06/2022

Welcome to the weekly Sabbath Divine Worship service at West Croydon SDA Church where we will be joining the SEC for the Camp Meeting Sabbath Day of Fellowship live at the Hays Wood Retreat.

Camp Meeting Series: Let’s Cross Over

Camp Meeting Summary: In the current pandemic reality, you may be tempted to cast yourself as hopeless and powerless, even questioning God’s Presence and reason to believe. But God is and has been sending a simple yet radical message “LET’S CROSS OVER”. Challenging our status-quo, He invites us to move from being disappointed; doing the same thing and expecting different results to being renewed by embarking on a transformative journey with Him. Addressing our perspectives and traditional ways of communication, Christ calls us to cross over to a new and distinctive experience that carries His Word to this new climate and generation.

Sermon Title: From Bondage to Freedom
Preacher: Pastor Ty Gibson