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Bible Passage Hebrews 11

Divine Worship Service | Music Day

  • Sherine Smith
  • Tsepo Ngwenya
Date preached 14/08/2021

This Sabbath, our Music Department presents a program of Word and Songs on Sustaining Faith. We hope that you will enjoy the service and be encouraged by your worship experience today.

Sermon Theme: Sustaining Faith Through Word & Songs
Preachers: Sherine Smith & Tsepo Ngwenya

Hebrews 11 paints a wonderful picture of the men and women who triumphed by faith. People who believed God and pursued His promises even though many didn’t see them come to pass in their lifetime. This chapter defines faith and shows that it pleases God. This is a great reminder for us as we navigate this life, clinging to the promises of God and looking forward to Jesus’ return.