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Bible Passage Revelation 16:15
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Divine Worship Service

  • Nicholas Okyere
Date preached 19/06/2021

Sermon Series: The Seven Blessings of Revelation

Sermon Title: Be Watchful
Preacher: Nicholas Okyere

The word “Revelation” is taken from the Greek word apokálupis, which means “to take the cover off”. Revelation is a book that uncovers the glory of Christ, and future events from the time of the Apostle John to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. The 7 Blessings found in the book of Revelation are given to all who read, understand, and keep hold of its truths.

The number 7 in Biblical numerology usually signifies fullness, perfection, or completion.

Therefore we can infer that the writer of Revelation intends the reader to be fully or perfectly blessed by the reading and heeding of the text.

In series The Seven Blessings Of Revelation