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Bible Passage Revelation 14:6-7
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Divine Worship Service

  • Pastor Juan Carlos
Date preached 14/05/2022

Welcome to the weekly Sabbath Divine Worship service at West Croydon SDA Church.

Sermon Series: The Three Angels’ Message

Sermon Summary: God has set a date in which He will execute judgement on the Earth. The church has a message to preach – we cannot remain silent when God has so much to say. What are you doing to prepare and share?

Sermon Title: Warnings from Revelation
Scripture Reading: Revelation 14:6-7
Preacher: Pastor Juan Carlos

About this Sermon Series: The ‘Three Angels’ Messages’ is an interpretation of the messages given by the three angels in Revelation 14: 6-12. As Seventh-day Adventists these messages are given to prepare the world for the second coming of Jesus Christ, and sees them as central part of its mission. The 3 Angels’ Message is an end-time message about God’s impending judgment. It is a call to return to the worship of the Creator and to leave behind the spiritual darkness and sin in the world. Are you ready for the judgement?

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