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Bible Passage John 14:1-3
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Divine Worship Service

  • Elder Trisan Hyatt
Date preached 12/11/2022

Welcome to the weekly Sabbath Divine Worship service at West Croydon SDA Church.

Sermon Series: The Gift of Hope

Sermon Title: The Coming of the King

Sermon Summary: We are reminded in God’s word of the coming of the King. If we believe in Him, He assures us that He is preparing us a place in Heaven. Are you looking forward to His coming?

Scripture Reading: John 14:1-3
Preacher: Edler Trisan Hyatt

About this Sermon Series: We are living in perilous times. Life is lived on the edge by all. Each day we are unsure as to what will take place next. Hope is all we have. That hope comes about as we connect with God and his word. As a church do we give hope? Do we inspire hope? Join us as we explore the Bible and the hope it gives to a dying world.

In series The Gift of Hope