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Bible Passage Exodus 25:17-22
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Divine Worship Service

  • Pastor Andrew Cudjoe
Date preached 15/01/2022

Sermon Series: The Sanctuary Service

About this Sermon Series: The sanctuary in Heaven in which Jesus ministers on our behalf is the great original of which the sanctuary built by Moses was a copy. This sanctuary was pitched by the Lord, not man. In it, Christ, our great High Priest, ministers at God’s right hand. Psalms 77:13 tells us that the way of God is in the sanctuary. This month we will be following Christ through the Sanctuary to understand the Way of God for our times.

Today’s Sermon Title: The Most Holy Place: In His Presence

Scripture Reading: Exodus 25:17-22

Sermon Summary: Beyond the vail in the Holy of Holies was found The Ark of the Covenant. The cover of the sacred chest was called the mercy seat and above it between the cherubim, was the Shekinah, the manifestation of the Divine Presence of God. We will discover how to abide in God’s Divine Presence.

Preacher: Pastor Andrew Cudjoe

In series The Sanctuary Service