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Bible Passage Matthew 28:18-20
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Divine Worship Service

  • Pastor Norren Barrett
Date preached 23/04/2022

Welcome to the weekly Sabbath Divine Worship service at West Croydon SDA Church.

Sermon Title: Disciple, Are You Ready?

Sermon Summary: The same Jesus who taught us that the kingdom of heaven belongs to his children wants us to share his gospel to others. He expects us to ross all social barriers and reach out to all nations, languages, and people. This is the sign that you are ready for his coming.

Scripture Reading: Matthew 28:18-20
Preacher: Pastor Noreen Barrett

Sermon Series: Telling the ‘Good News’

About this Sermon Series: Jesus entrusted everyone who believes to ‘Go’ and spread the good news to others. This means it’s a task assigned to all Christians, so why does it seem so hard to be a witness in modern society? Jesus through his ministry gave us the blueprint of what true discipleship should entail and the ways in which we can achieve it. Follow us through the month of April to find out how you can fulfil your true potential as a disciple of Christ.

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